Diver: Benjamin Iglesias Vaquero

After a few seconds laying at more than 30m there she is, an amazing White-Blotched Grouper. She didn’t let me get near her, so I’ve waited as I could, stretched my right arm, aimed at her, peddle a couple of times fast and shot. Perfect landing, dead instantly. I came from the bottom with her in my hand.

On the boat, everyone was amazed on the size, no one had never saw a White-Blotched of such dimension. A possible world record.

At the end of the day we went to our default weighting place: SABOR A MAR. The only place in town where we know they have certified scales. The Grouper weighed 12,52 Kg.

Scientific Name: Epinephelus multinotatus

Weight: 12.52 kg, 27.6 lbs

Location: Jeremias Reef, Mozambique

Link: Grouper, White Blotched