Diver: Benjamin Iglesias Vaquero

I keep the thread tense and I try to be calm, I breath deeply a few times but my strength is out. I look toward the boat and I see that Emiliano and Nuno are already on board, I call them and they come for me; when they are by my side I tell them that at about 20 metres from here I have a fish and it is between the rocks and that I don't even know what sort it is. Emiliano dives in the water and before he is by my side I notice that the fish is out of the crack and I pull at it to try to bring it to the surface. I begin to see the shape and. the color of the fish which is now nearly to the top, when I have it in my hands Emi, with a smile on his face, says "Asturiano this fish is a world record". We get on board and enjoy the precious catch. 

Scientific Name: Variola Louti

Weight: 5.14 kg, 11.33 lbs

Location: Baixo Zè, Mozambique

Link: Lyretail Grouper, Yellowedged