Mozambique Spearfishing Madness

by Emiliano Finocchi

Let's keep spearfishing a sustainable sport. Respect our oceans and protect its species.  Don't let your hunting insincts prevail on your mind, think before you shoot, see before you hunt and always keep in mind that if you love this sport, presearve it for generations to come. One more rule: catch only what you can eat, not less, not more...

Our oceans are like all woman: beyond its hard shell lies a sensitive heart.

Avoid plastic, recover your litter and use common sense. You have the power to decide if you want to be on the right side or you want to be an idiot! Yes, who litters is an idiot, there is no other way to say it. Is as simple as that, don't be...



In my many years diving with people from all over the world, I have seen people get heart in many ways; I have saved lives, and whitnessed a friend die. If you don;t respect the ocean, he will kill you. A spearfishing trip starts days before you get into the water. You must check your gear, confirm the weather, tides and currents, and you must check your boat too. Don't rush over an old knot, or a unsharpened knife, take your time for everything to be perfect. IF you are uncertain about the weather, stay HOME. If your fishing buddy couldn;t come with you, stay HOME. If the visibility is low, stay HOME. You can always fish tomorrow if you are not dead. Consider this (my) check list before you are ready to go:

1- Good weather (this is very relative to the place you fish in)

2- Enough to see your spearfishing buddy underwater (and avoid "catching him")

3- Unrisky current (this is very relative to the place you fish in)

4- Spearfishing buddy onboard

5- Working radio (tested, not presumed)

6- Fuel onboard (be sure the fuel is enough not only for the trip, but 30% extra for emergencies)

7- Life vests for all passengers onboard

8- A manual compass (GPS is fine, but always keep a manual compass)

9- Sharp knife

10- Covered spear tips

11- Fins in good conditions (don't want a fin to fail in the deep)

12- Emergency kit onboard

13- No alcohol

14- Think before you move (the boat is a confined space, loaded with guns, people and knives)

15- Be sure to HAVE FUN